Hi! I’m Bethany and this is my running blog. If you weren’t looking for a blog, don’t know what a blog is, and aren’t a runner you may not be in the right place, but either way I’m glad you’re here and hope you keep reading!

I am passionate about running, fitness and setting goals.  While I have tons of wonderful and supportive friends and family, I’d bet my last dollar those same people  get sick of hearing about my last training run or how I have to skip an evening event out so I can get up for it.  And with my looming marathon, it’s only getting worse people 🙂  If you aren’t really into fitness or running (many of the people I know are, but many also aren’t)  you simply won’t understand why i can’t binge drink  go out to the bar before a race . I love to race. I love to challenge my body.  I love how I feel when I meet or exceed a goal I set myself. I’m not super fast or super fit, but I am trying to be dedicated and more accountable to my running goals and to my being.  That’s where you, my readers (anyone there still?? chirp..chirp) come in. I am hoping that this blog will be an outlet for my creativity and a way to meet people who want to talk and listen about running, becoming a runner, being a better one, what to eat, not to eat, interesting races, trails, etc. Ya with me? I hope so! Let’s go….