…When you leave for vacation on Thursday! 😀  I’m off to Rochester NY to visit the family, celebrate my older bro’s bday, hang with my ridiculously adorable nieces, see Wicked, eat real NY subs and get massages! So, I can handle Monday! At least this week!

I iced my knees before bed for good measure while Duke licked the ice block the whole time. A two-fer 😉 I woke up only a tad bit sore. Ate an english muffin with Adam’s PB and then hit the road to WA this morning for work which is only 20 minutes away, but still annoying because I am perpetually directionally challenged. Seriously. I have considered getting a compass implanted in my wrist.  I have received 5 compasses  and 2 GPS navigation systems as gifts. Someone saying something ???? See–I wasn’t kidding! The good thing about working at hospitals is you just have to follow the  big blue H sign 😀 Then I left for the big blue H where my personal office is located in downtown Portland.

Got to the office, inhaled some coffee and worked more. Riveting.  Had a spinach salad with shredded chicken and a string cheese. Round 2 was a garden burger patty (no bun) with mustard and a handful of peanut M&M’s that haunt me from the CEO’s office.  I am always pretty hungry the day after a race as well as the day of. BUT, I don’t need as many carbs today as I did all weekend, so I reduced those and upped the protein.

Heading out to ride the stationary bike at the gym for 30mins to loosen up my tight muscles and read trash mags. Then preparing for interview #3. Please let this be the last…..my garden is in need of some love. Here it is last year. Right now it is a pile of brown dirt the dogs till for us 🙂 I gotta get out there!