Before I say anything else, I promised my boyfriend I would confess my sin on my blog: I smoked a cigarette last night, uncharacteristically and TWO days before a race! Sometimes I find myself in moments of an identity crisis. I act as if there are no consequences to my actions and that I can do what I want because I say so (Insert visual of me throwing a tantrum). I don’t know why I did that, but I am going to take some time to think about it. Since this blog is partially here for accountability sake, I am glad my better half encouraged to me be honest.

Picture of perfect health!

Moving on, this is still a running blog, and after a short post-work nap yesterday i got a speedy 3.25 final miler in before the race tomorrow. My legs felt like lead though. I haven’t been eating as nutritiously as normal this week, because I’ve been busy and I’m probably a little dehydrated as well from the happy hours. WHO AM I??? I also told Allison at Green Dog Wine I would do the CUT THE CRAP CHALLENGE, and I was a major fail. So that, starts today through Β the rest of April and I am publishing this for the world to see. I won’t fail! This means no dairy, no booze, and certainly no more cancer sticks. Lots of water and lots of running!

This afternoon I have to pick up my packet at the convention center. What I hate most pre-race is that I get MAJOR freakshow nervous about parking–not the race itself, but getting there! Does anyone else get this way? ESPECIALLY, when I am racing alone…which seems to be more and more frequent since MK moved away and few people care to run long distances with me.

Bridge to Brews 2009

Anyhow, once kimi gets her lazy A** outta bed, I am off to brunch with kimi and it will be CTC approved!