Finally, my cherished Friday, you are here!! This is going to be a F-U-N weekend. To back up a bit, I never did my 3 miler yesterday and swapped it out for a rest day and plan to do my last run before the race today instead.  I opted to go to The Canvas straight from work to help Ashley and Jacob with some cleaning. Afterward, Eddie and I went to Life of Riley for some dinner. We got there with 2 minutes left in happy hour, so we ordered some wings and tofu tacos AND a burger because I am a pig was HANGRY and when my blood sugar drops I become the devil herself…ask my mother, she will confirm that she has seen me with horns. 

 Anyhow, we followed that up with a trip to Ben & Jerry’s  and E  shared a few spoonfuls with me, but I am not an ice cream lover. My digestive system,  I should say,  does not like ice cream 😉 I love indulgent nights like that once in a while and I truly believe food is meant to be enjoyed with others.  I have a hard time with people who put way too many restrictions on themselves. I love food, but know when it is meant to be fully enjoyed and when it is more or less fuel for my athletic performance or for survival. When I am just fueling my body for the standard work week breakfast and lunches, it is strictly for nutrients alone. Tofu, quinoa, lots and lots of green vegetables, brown rice, oats and bananas. For races and long runs I eat lots of carbs and protein, usually in a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. When I go out, I tend to order things I do not make at home,  which are usually either 1) more indulgent (like red meat) or 2) require lots of specialized ingredients (like Indian food).  Lately, I realize that these indulgences are not as easy to recover from as they once were. The extra fat and calories and sheer richness of the food does a whammy (did I just say whammy?!!) on my body for the next 24hours. Insert Idea: Maybe you should revisit this!!  I especially avoid this pre-race. So from tonight through 10am sunday morning, it is bland food, lots of carbs and lots of water. Oh, and I should say that M-F I drink about 1-2 gallons or more of water a day. I should move my office to the bathroom 😀

Tonight, my good friend and old roomie from graduate school is driving up from Corvallis for the night, and she is one of my favorite friends to just “chill” with. We just talk, watch movies and snuggle with my dogs .It  is so nice to have a friend to relax with in that way. I have a netflix waiting for us too. Hope everyone has a great Friday!! Tomorrow is jam packed with fun–stay tuned!