Hello, everyone, glad you’re here. If you’d like to hear why I am, please check the About “B” section!

I just finished a short 4 mile run averaging an 8:30 pace and it was tough and shouldn’t have been which is frustrating.  I consider 8:15-30 to be a comfortable yet fast pace and that is my race average for most distances. I have been running for over 10 years, and while I would like to be faster, I haven’t been pushing myself : ( But that is going to change this spring and summer!

It has been very windy and cold and wet in Portland, and getting out has been challenging. I’m all for a run in the rain, but I’m talking monsoon winds and rains here people! Plus, this is a taper week as I am doing the Race for the Roses half marathon on Sunday. I was really looking forward to it until I realized the night before was the opening of my friend’s new business The Canvas art bar and cafe. I have been by her side from inception of the concept and now for the opening so I’m a little bummed I need to be in bed early, but that is the life of a runner.

I am planning on running the Cinco de Mayo Half marathon on, May 5th and then training for the Portland Marathon, which is the second time I have signed up for a 26.2 miler, but was injured last time halfway through my training. Good ole ITB issues. Running circles in the same direction on a track like an idiot didn’t help, but what can I say, I was a novice!! Anyhow, this marathon covers many of the great bridges in Portland, hence the title of my blog. The content will hopefully evolve with time, but for now, the intent is to blog about my training to get me over those bridges! The one below is a mile from my house and one of the best in the city.

Time to eat some shredded chicken burritos and relax. Tomorrow is a busy day!